A hygienic and germ-free play solution that will keep kids entertained for hours! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

What is Obie?

Does Obie require a special flooring or fixtures?

Who is it for?

What are the benefits of Obie compared to other play equipment I can buy for my business?



What are the four interactive modes that Obie comes with?



Who is the company behind Obie?

How can you afford to sell it so cheap compared to similar products on the market?

Can I try Obie and return it if I don’t like it?

What is the difference between Obie and BEAM?



How many games does Obie come with?

How often do you release new games?



Who designed Obie?

Can I buy one for my home?

What are the physical requirements for an Obie installation?



My floor is not light-colored, can I cover it with a light-colored PVC or Vinyl Sheet flooring?

I would like to install Obie by myself. How difficult it is?



Can I use the standard mount that comes with Obie to install it on a false ceiling?

Is Obie safe to use?



What happens if my Obie breaks down?

Is Obie available worldwide?



How is Obie operated?



I still have more questions, how can I contact you?

How is Obie different from its competitors?